Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Glass in the Classical Sense", November 2013

As I have spent more time studying and admiring the JEFF WALLIN glass paintings hanging in my gallery, I am intrigued by the ability of this mid-career artist to bring to his work the mystery, emotion and expression in the same manner as master painters before him.

Here we have a young artist (and I use that term to distinguish him in addition to being a masterful glass maker) who uses, with intent, historical and relevant art history knowledge in his artwork. And in doing so he creates beautiful imagery with a material that was totally unknown to painters and artists of the past. Instead of gesso and oil he has mastered the properties of glass frit, a material that has the power to create layers of translucency and depth unlike any other medium.

The effects and results Jeff is able to produce by manipulating his fused glass technique are nothing less than mesmerizing. When inspecting the pieces the viewer is drawn in and surprised by levels of abstractions and layered textures that when combined create these very impressive portraits.

This is definitely an artist to collect and watch as pointed out by Michael Janis, an accomplished glass artist and one of the directors of the distinguished Washington Glass School, in their "Artist-To-Watch" profile. 

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